Saturday, February 07, 2009

Things that make you say "#$%^&*()!!"

On last night's TV news there was a quick blurb about how Andrew Card, George W. Bush's chief of staff, had commented that President Obama was showing disrespect for the Oval Office by dropping W's rule that coats and ties had to be worn at all times.

My reaction would have shocked my mother. (She doesn't think I use that kind of language. Sorry, Mom.)

We just finished eight years of constitution trampling, waterboarding, WMD-faking, country-wrecking (Afghanistan, Iraq and the US), world alienating bullshit by the last occupant of the White House and his cronies, all of which showed utter contempt and disrespect for the rule of law, the goodwill of the world, and the intelligence of the American people. Whether or not the new president and his advisors wear coats and ties while they are working to unravel this mess makes absolutely no difference.

What's that old saying we use to describe a person who has fully engaged in a new task? We say he has "rolled up his sleeves". Roll 'em up, Barack! We'll roll ours up, too.

I could have continued my rant, but the folks at the "Think Progress" blog and their readers have said everything else I might want to say. (And Mom, don't read the comments...they get a bit crude. Hysterically funny, but crude.)