Monday, August 16, 2004

Now this is winter!

I'm traveling on business this week. It's my second trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil in a month. What a fascinating place! It's the middle of winter here, the calendar equivalent of January in southern Indiana. But, boy howdy, it sure is different.

Today's high temperature in Sao Paulo was 76 degrees. I've only lived in Indiana for 6 years, but I doubt that it ever got to 76 degrees in January. When I got settled in my hotel room mid-morning, after the all-night flight from Dallas, here is the view:

The view of the pool... Posted by Hello

And I left my bathing suit at home, thinking "it's winter down there, who needs a bathing suit?"

What you probably can't see in this small photo is a) the fountain at the end of the pool in full operation, and b) the sunbather to the right of the pool.

Lots more to say about this place, but it will have to keep til later.

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