Thursday, September 23, 2004

What Are They Thinking?

Today's Top Story:
At the time of this posting, 1041 US soldiers have died in Iraq.

(Why is this "The Top Story"?

1. Each of these soldiers died in a war that was initiated by a President who is intentionally misleading the American people about the future prospects in Iraq to serve his own ends, and
2. Like Gen. Anthony Zinni, I believe that this has got to be more important than "American Idol").

Today's Feature: What Are They Thinking?

One of the strangest news items I've seen in this whole strange political year appeared yesterday:

MSNBC - NBC poll: Bush holds narrow lead: "when voters were asked what they would want in a second term for Bush, 58 percent say they want major changes, compared with only 9 percent who say they want his second term to look a lot like his first term. "
There are lots of things I don't understand here, but the first thing that comes to mind is "How could anyone expect a president who can't admit a mistake on any topic to make significant changes in his second term?"

And I'll credit Mary with the better question, "How would he do this as a lame duck?"

Here's a suggestion for anyone who wants a "major change" in Bush's second term: Vote for John Kerry!


Anonymous said...

If we are to believe the polls the election of the 'shrub's' second term is in the bag.
Bonnie- from The Chattering

Mike Johnston said...


Thanks for your comment. At the risk of falling prey to a Pollyanna syndrome of sorts, I am hopeful that the current crop of polls falls in one of the following categories:

1. Shows results that appear favorable for Bush, but are within the "margin of error"...whatever that is...

2. Does not reflect a large population of people who are unpolled and thus unrecognizable to the media, but who are convinced that Bush must be defeated, and who will show up at the polls on Nov 2 to make it happen.

3. Are sufficiently encouraging to enough 'lukewarm' Republicans to give them enough of a sense of security and sure victory that they won't bother to vote.

It's sure to be a tight race, regardless of the outcome.