Monday, October 11, 2004

Eisenhower on Kerry...

Today's Top Story:
At the time of this posting, 1076 US soldiers have died in Iraq.

(Why is this "The Top Story"?

1. Each of these soldiers died in a war that was initiated by a President who intentionally misled the American people about the reasons for war in Iraq, (and
2. Like Gen. Anthony Zinni, I believe that this has got to be more important than "American Idol").

Today's Feature: Eisenhower on Kerry...

Earlier this week, my friend Lynne sent me a link to a recent Doonesbury cartoon on the website of the Louisville Courier Journal.

(We don't get Doonesbury in our local newspaper. Lynne made a cynical comment about that, but since I don't read the local paper anymore, I'll let it pass.)

I was, however, interested in the link shown in the cartoon strip. Figuring that any link that Gary Trudeau publishes is one worth following, I found a great article by John Eisenhower, son of Dwight Eisenhower, on "Why I Will Vote for John Kerry".

It's worth a read. One more long-time Republican who has made the connection that George W. Bush is wrong for the country.

Today's Picture: The Six Pack That Made My Head Hurt at Work!

No, I haven't begun sneaking drinks under the desk. I'm in the second week of Six Sigma Green Belt training this week. My company has adopted the Six Sigma methodology of process analysis and improvement. On a strictly objective level, I can say that I have seen tremendous benefits come from our use of this tool set. On a purely subjective level, I'll just say that at 3:30pm this afternoon, after several hours of training on statistical methods, I thought my head would explode. The software we use to process our data produces a "Six Pack" report of graphs that are useful and important...

The"Sixpack" Posted by Hello

Let's just say that after looking at THAT six pack for a while, I was really dreaming about one that was more like this...

A different sort of 6 pack... Posted by Hello

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