Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Melvin...

Remember Melvin Udall? That was Jack Nichoson's character in "As Good As It Gets" - the OCD-neurotic character who couldn't walk down the sidewalk because it had cracks in it?

Well, I think Beans, our Boston Terrier, has a little bit of Melvin in her.

We've seen a few incidents lately where she balks at walking down the back hallway - one of only two ways out of the condo to the little patches of grass where a dog can "do her business". Maybe it's the smell of another dog's marking - who knows? We spent several nights this week in a hotel while a hardwood floor was being installed in the condo. Beans would happily trot down the hallway from our room, but would balk when expected to turn the corner to the elevator. Back at home today, she is balking at entering the condo - something about the new wood floor is disturbing to her. It looks oddly Melvin-ish..."I'm not gonna walk on that stuff...only bad things can come of it."

We're working with her, using the little 'treats' from the local dog bakery. (I can you help having a neurotic dog when you go to the 'dog bakery'.) She's getting it...little by little. I don't know whether to call the "Dog Whisperer" or Helen Hunt.

I guess the good news is thatBeans doesn't look like Jack!

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