Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dad's new novel - "Sunrise in the Cloud Forest" - launches on August 19

Looking for a great, late summer read? How's this for a teaser:

Dr. Matthew X Landry, organizer and senior pastor of Mobile's Harmony Temple, wants nothing more than to make the Temple the largest Protestant church along the Gulf Coast, counting on the help of his wife and co-pastor, Georgia Landry . . . until that goal and his marriage are threatened by the public confession of a woman who claims to be the pastor's lover. While Private Investigator Lettie Fortenot labors to prove the pastor's innocence, a wounded Georgia Landry flees to Costa Rica in an attempt to carve out a new life for herself.

Is Dr. Matt guilty or innocent?

The couple's own sons, who are themselves conflicted in their religious loyalties, are not the only ones divided on this question. Exploring the depths of ambition, trust and forgiveness, the future of a family, as well as the future of a great church, is at stake in this compelling new novel by Bert Johnston.

I'll admit to a bit of bias here - Bert happens to be my father.  He is a retired Presbyterian minister living in Spanish Fort, Alabama, just east of Mobile.  

This is Bert's second novel.  He has been on an interesting journey for the past five or six years.  His first novel, "Parson Campbell's Breakthrough" was published in 2009, several years after he entered the "National Novel Writing Month" and wrote the first draft.  ("NaNoWriMo" is a worldwide event that encourages would-be authors to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  I've done it for a couple of years. Bert and I did it together one year.  He kicked my ass in word count.)

"Sunrise in the Cloud Forest" is available as a paperback or a Kindle book.  For a brief moment a few weeks ago, it was in the top 30 bestsellers on the UK site for Kindle books.  You can help influence its ranking in the US by buying your copy on the official launch day, tomorrow - August 19.  

More information about the author and sample chapters from "Sunrise" can be found on Bert's web site - .

Let me know what you think of the book.  I'll pass any comments along to Bert.

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Bert Johnston said...

I can vouch for all that Mike Johnston says in this blog.

(Of course I'm biased, both as his father and as an author.)

Thanks, Mike, for your support throughout this journey.