Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Site to Get Lost In

Today's Top Story:
At the time of this posting, 819 US soldiers have died in Iraq.

(Why is this "The Top Story"? This has got to be more important than "American Idol". See my earlier post on comments about the Iraq war by Gen. Anthony Zinni.)

Today's Feature: A Site to Get Lost In

I have spent a lot of time recently wading through different blogs, trying to understand the medium, and the quality of information available. This is a great activity for an adult with an undiagnosed case of ADHD -- you can follow every odd link like a rabbit's trail, and not feel bad about yourself at the end.

Somehow along the way I stumbled on Tim McSweeney's site: It is not a blog. It is a political satire site, with numerous contributors. The quality of the writing is excellent, and the wit is sharp!

Some recent postings include:

-- "Pros and Cons of John Kerry's Top Twenty Vice-Presidential Candidates"

-- "The Making of The Autobiography of George W. Bush (An Excerpt)"

-- "Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush"

There is much more here to explore. I'm going back every day. Enjoy!

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